• Optical fibers


    Today, optical fibers are used more and more to transport information around the globe or within buildings. Since fibers are fragile, and the investments need to be protected, flexible tubes play then an important role.

  • Square Locked Tube SL-1.2


    The popular Square Locked tubes family (SL) features one of the smallest tube in the world using this type of construction with a 1.2 mm inner diameter version.

  • The Square Locked tube (SL) is produced from a continues metal strip which is locked into position by one overlapping joint. The highly flexible tube provides excellent mechanical protection without stretching or binding. Its small size and ruggedness makes it ideal for protecting fiber optic bundles and sensor cables, medical equipments, robotics, fiber...

  • Bend-limiting tubes such as the Double Spring Square Locked tube (type DSSL) are specifically made for protecting large core optical fibers or fiber bundles. The larger bending radius is achieved by inserting two stainless steel wires into the spiral valley of the conduit, which limits the bending characteristics of the tube. It also provides higher...

  • The Semi-Inter Tube (Double) Spring Tube (SIDSP) bend-limiting tube is made with the stronger interlock tube (SI), and with stainless steel wires inserted into the spiral valley of the tube. The result is a very large bending radius on the SIDSP tube which makes it an ideal solution for demanding applications.

  • The Mono-Coil Tubes/Hoses are made of a loosely wound stainless steel tape. These tubes provide excellent mechanical protection and flexibility. It's small size makes them an ideal solution for protecting optical fibers from lateral pressures or for bundeling multiple loose fibers, typically used for specialized applications.

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About our Flexible Metal Conduits and Tu​bes

The application scope of flexible tubes is very broad. It goes from the transmission of fluids, or force between devices through the protection of optical fibres​ for telecommunication, medical lasers or industrial robotized laser systems. Flexible tubes are also used in endoscopes, in medical implants or catheters and are also used for electromagnetic shielding, in sensors, in heat exchangers and finally to protect against vandalism, rodents or against intrusion.​​​​