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HEYLO-TUBES is located in Larochette, in the northern part of the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg. HEYLO-TUBES was incorporated in March 2013 and is present on the European market either directly or through representatives and distributors.​ HEYLO-TUBES sales territory is focused on the EMEA countries.

HAGITEC (HAGITEC LTD.) is located in Chiba, Japan, and produces high quality metal flexible tubes on specifically developed machines. HAGITEC, incorporated in 1974, is present today on the global market with a range of flexible tube products for many types of applications for the industries of computers and electronics, appliances, household, automotive, aerospace, lighting, telecommunications, medical, etc.


  • Large choice of flexible metal tubes
  • Standard and custom solutions
  • Fast delivery
  • European logistics center

About Flexible Tu​bes

The application scope of flexible tubes is very broad. It goes from the transmission of fluids, or force between devices through the protection of optical fibres​ for telecommunication, medical lasers or industrial robotized laser systems. Flexible tubes are also used in endoscopes, in medical implants or catheters and are also used for electromagnetic shielding, in sensors, in heat exchangers and finally to protect against vandalism, rodents or against intrusion.​​​​

ISO ​9001

HAGITEC LTD is certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

   ISO 9001:2008 Certification Angency


Larochette, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (Photo Courtesy of ​the City of Larochette / Gemeng Fiels / Commune de Larochette)

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I have used the SL tube in stainless steel to replace a previous steel tube. Stainless steel provides me a great protection, especially against rodents bites... When rodent bite the standard steel tubes, even with PVC protection, the tube starts to oxidise and deteriorates quickly. Now with the SL stainless steel tube, no issue any more.

Customer in France

With the help of samples prepared by Heylo-Tubes, we have been able to find exactly the tube product that was matching our requirement. This has greatly accelerated our development process for our final product.

Customer in Germany